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Partworn Tyres From Just £10

We have thousands of partworn tyres in stock, starting from prices as low as £10.

We get weekly deliveries of replenished stock, UK Tyres have made partworn tyres a reliable choice for many customers, which has carried our reputation of honesty, value for money and unprecedented safety for over 50 years.

Tyres which have been used by another car, whether the car has been scraped, seized or the tyres have been imported from abroad. All our partworn tyres are triple checked before being fitted onto your vehicle, ensuring your safety to the highest level. Partworn tyres are the best value for money. you can buy them for a fraction of the price of a new tyre.


UK Tyres sell partworn tyres in 3 different categories:

Low Grade (3mm Tread)
Intermediate (4.5mm Tread)
Top Grade (5mm + Tread)

New Premium Tyres

Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli brands.

These are the top 6 manufacturers in the tyre industry investing heavily in the research and development of new tyre technology and the performance of raw materials.

New Midrange Tyres

These tyres manufactures produce tyres to a high quality. They work closely with vehicle manufacture’s to produce tyres to meet the highly detailed specifications of Original equipment (OE).

Midrange brands often hold a promising position in the market and have the ambition of becoming a Premium Brand. UK Tyres stock Maxxis tyres as our house midrange brand, which come with a lifetime guarantee.

New Economy and Budget Tyres

Tyres in which the manufacture names are not often recognizable, they are a great choice for those on a budget. They will satisfy all the European safety standards, but the investment into the raw materials, research and development of their tyres is not as good as the Midrange and Premium Brands.


A form of tyre which involves taking the shell of an old tyre (mostly premium brands) and then giving them a new tread, the internal structure is tested and examined many times. Remoulds cost less than standard tyres and are good for the environment because they recycle old tyres which in most cases would of been scrapped.

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