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Car Diagnostics

Car diagnostics is the fast and easy way to monitor your car’s engine, both to identify an existing issue and to draw attention to developing problems that could become more significant in time.

What Is A Diagnostics Test?

Using special computers and software it reads the sensors in your vehicle to understand how it is performing, vehicle diagnostics assesses systems and parts such as the engine, transmission, fuel injection, ignition, electrical components and exhaust system. The information it gathers allows it to verify that everything is normal and provides valuable data when it discovers something wrong.

The process can usually take somewhere between an hour and 90 minutes to run, although this can become longer if it uncovers issues that need to be looked at further.

What Does A Car Diagnostic Tell You?

When car diagnostics does identify a problem, an error code is produced that tells the mechanic what part of the vehicle needs further investigation. There are over 200 individual codes, but they cover four main areas:

Body Issues within the driver compartment such as airbags, air conditioning and passenger comfort

Chassis Mechanical problems such as with the steering, braking and suspension

Powertrain Related to the engine and transmission

Network Wiring and electrics

Using the very latest software solutions, the team here at UK Tyres can run efficient car and van diagnostics on most makes or models. Where we discover a problem and we can fix it, we’ll provide a cost-effective quote and carry out any necessary repairs.

Regular vehicle diagnostics is recommended, as otherwise minor problems that could be identified and quickly fixed can easily become major issues that could be costly to fix and might involve your vehicle being off the road for an extended period.

Book your car diagnostics appointment now, by contacting the team at UK Tyres for more information. We’re here to help drivers in and around North London.

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