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Agricultural Tyres

If you need tyres for your tractor or farm vehicles, the specialists at UK Tyres are here to help.

Working out of our Willesden unit, we’re an established family-run business that has been assisting customers in London and the surrounding counties with all their agricultural tyre requirements for over three generations.

We offer a quick and reliable 24/7 mobile breakdown service that has carried our reputation to the wider London farming community, backed by our 90-minute point-of-call promise as we understand the importance of harvest times.

Tractor tyres and tyres for harvesters, sprayers, combines, trailers and other farm equipment, including ATVs and 4x4s, are all available at UK Tyres. Being an independent company with long-term experienced technicians enables us to offer impartial advice on any tyre brand, whatever agricultural or farm machinery you operate.

We stock all major premium and economy agricultural tyres brands including Michelin, Firestone, Taurus, Continental, BKT, Alliance, MRL, Carlisle, Galileo and many more.

There are a few things you need to consider – and with which we can help – when it comes to choosing the correct agricultural tyres. These include:


Radial Tyres
Radial tyres offer increased traction, maximum fuel economy and wheel slippage protection, whilst the flexibility gives the machine and operator a more comfortable ride.

Cross-Ply Tyres
Cross-ply tyres have stiff sidewalls for effective performance in forestry and on vehicles such as forklifts and scissor lifts that require a firm ride rather than farming on soft ground.

Tread Patterns

Each tyre manufacturer produces its own unique tyre patterns or tread designs, however most of these fall into a broader categories based on the tyres application – for example, the most common tractor tyre patterns:

R1 & R1W Agricultural
Commonly known as ‘Tractor Pattern’ and ‘Open Centre’. These tyres are found on farm machinery. R1W tyres (also known as R1+) have a deeper tread depth and a wider contact area, offering better performance on the road and in wet conditions.

R2 Agricultural (deep tread)
Also known as ‘Paddle’ or ‘Spade’ tyres, the R2 pattern has a much deeper tread and is designed for extremely wet or sticky soil.

R3 Industrial (flotation)
Also known as ‘Grassland’ or ‘Turf’. These tyres are used to minimise ground disturbance on soft surfaces such as grass and sand.

R4 Industrial
Also known as ‘Industrial’ or ‘ATU’, these tyres have the tractive lugs of an R1 tyre but with an area of overlap in the centre. These tyres are designed to balance traction with road and hard-surface performance.

F2 & F2M Agricultural Front
Also known as ‘Rib’ tyres, these are found on the front axle of two-wheel-drive tractors an are available with notches or lugs in the outer ribs to improve grip and self-cleaning.

F3 Industrial Front
These tyres are flatter than traditional rib tyres and are optimised for road and hard-surface performance.

I-1 Implement
Known as ‘Multi-Rib’ tyres. They are designed to be good all-round tyres that offer high flotation and load capacity at lower pressures.

Traction Implement
These tyres are similar to R1 or R4 tyre patterns, but are designed for use on the drive wheels.

Flotation Implement
These tyres are typically built to minimise soil disturbance and to carry high loads at low pressures.

Flotation Transport
These tyres are designed for stability and road performance without sacrificing flotation and grip in the field.

Ply Rating

A ply rating is similar to a tyre load rating, in that it gives an indication of strength and the maximum weight the tyre can safely carry. The higher the ply rating, the more weight the tyre can carry. Getting the right tyres for your vehicle and usage can make a big difference to the efficiency of your daily operations. The higher the ply rating, the stiffer a tyre’s sidewall usually becomes – however this reduces the cushioning you experience when using your equipment.

Not all tyres have to be replaced when pressure is lost. Our experienced technicians would rather repair than replace the effected tyre. This keeps your costs down whilst minimising the environmental impact. We carry a large selection of tubes, inner liners, valves, plugs and patches to get your tyre repaired in the quickest way possible that is safe and reliable.

Find out more about agricultural tyres from UK Tyres by getting in touch with our experienced and friendly team today.


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