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Car Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioning may not be an essential component of your car’s engine and it may not be a vital safety feature, but it does help make sure your drive is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Other from the fact that it keeps you cool when it’s hot outside, it also means that you can quickly demist your windscreen on cold mornings –   in fact, it will do the job far quicker than non-AC blowers.

Here at UK Tyres, our expert mechanics have years of experience repairing and maintaining air conditioning systems for all types of vehicles. We understand that driver comfort is key to safe and enjoyable driving, and with hotter summers becoming more common, being able to stay cool and comfortable when out and about is more important than ever.

If your air conditioning isn’t functioning as it should, book your appointment with us today and we can assess the problem and provide fast and cost-effective air conditioning repair that can have you ready to face the road in all weathers.

Does My Air Conditioning Need Regassing?

You might find that your air conditioning is blowing out warmer air than it should or might only be working intermittently. This could be a sign that your system needs regassing. As air-con regassing, or recharging, is not generally included as part of a standard service or in an MOT, manufacturers usually recommend that you get it done every two years. Regassing can also improve your fuel consumption, as it means your engine won’t have to work as hard as when your air con is not working as it should.

Find out more about car air conditioning repair and maintenance from UK Tyres by getting in touch with our expert team today – our depot in North London means that we are conveniently located in a large area of North and West London.

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