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Fleet Management

Our truck and plant division has been one of London’s leading commercial tyre breakdown and tyre fleet managers for over 20 years, with 10 service vans each manned with a qualified and experienced tyre technician. UK Tyres understands the importance of fleet management to improve vehicle safety, reduce downtime and control costs.

No two companies operate the same – that’s why we don’t offer an off-the-wall fleet management package. We tailor everything around you, from a flexible on-demand service to a recurring monthly schedule, we will mix and match to suit.

Our tyre technicians perform in-depth tyre inspections during scheduled downtime across your whole fleet such as:

Wheel Rotations
Tyre wear varies by axle and application types. Our technicians will rotate wheels or move them to a different axle to improve tread wear and total mileage.

Tread Wear and Damage Inspection
Tyre sidewalls and treads are thoroughly inspected for cuts, exposed cords, rips, tears and bulges. Tyre dot codes, load, speed and ply ratings are also checked to comply with the vehicle’s permitted usage.

Tyre Pressure Corrections
Underinflated tyres are inefficient, because they increase fuel consumption and increase tyre wear whilst compromising the handling and braking of your vehicle.

This is the process of matching the tyre of twin wheels on the drive axle of a vehicle. For performance and tread wear, we match brands, tread depth and tread patterns together across the vehicle.

We can regroove any brand of commercial regroovable tyre. Our tyre technicians have been trained to extend the life of a commercial tyre by as much as 25% by removing rubber in a series of cuts to form a deeper tread depth.

Puncture Repairs
Our technicians always remove the tyre from the wheel – this is so we can find any signs of damage on the inside of the tyre. We then repair the tyre to the British Standard BS AU 159 guidelines. We also offer a major repair service, in which sidewall damage or bead damage is repaired with specialist vulcanised repair products and techniques.

We take the tyre off the rim, turn it 180° and refit. This is usually done when there are sidewall scuffs and uneven tread wear to prolong the life of the tyre.

COP Fitting
Whether it’s a tyre that’s been re-positioned and swapped out, or from a vehicle that’s no longer on the road. We will fit tyres that have been held in your stock until they can be utilised again on your fleet.

Incorrectly torqued wheel nuts or bolts can lead to catastrophic issue. We check these by using independently calibrated torque wrenches and at intervals in which the customer requires (30-minute retorque or 24hr retorque).

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We supply & fit tyres for all major vehicle manufacturers

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