Our History

Tyres Since 1940’s – The story of UK Tyres

United Kingdom Tyre Exporters Ltd (UK Tyres) a family run business of four generations started back in the 40’s when Albert Hanningtons father George Hannington had been buying and selling tyres from the back of a horse and cart. From these humble beginnings in 1951 Albert Hannington formed a car salvage business in Notting Hill West London.

From selling car parts for a number of years Albert saw the potential of the tyre industry and opened his first tyre shop in Latimer Road W10. The company AH Tyre Mart was formed at this time. Within a year Albert had a small yard in the same area dealing in tyre fitting and also tyre casings. A chance meeting with Jack Sharples of Goodyear Tyre Co. gave Albert a great business opportunity to become one of his best customers.

During the 60’s the business expanded rapidly and in 1966, Albert’s son David joined the company concentrating on the truck casings. Then in the early 70’s saw the incorporation of United Kingdom Tyre Exporters Ltd who to this day, 40 years on are still trading with Goodyear. Larger premises followed in West London. David’s brother Paul had now joined the company and truck casings a major part of the business.

In 1974 United Kingdom Tyre Exporters Ltd purchased other premises in south London; this gave us the opportunity to restart car casing business. Paul now turned his attention to this and formed Retreaders Requirements Ltd. This was to become one of the largest car casing companies in the UK and Europe. Paul has now been joined buy his son and daughters and together Retreaders Requirements Ltd are still growing selling tyres to remoulders and partworn tyre shops.

In 1978 Albert’s youngest son Robert had now joined the company. 1990 was a sad year for every one with the loss of Albert Hannington who died at the age of 65 at work doing what he loved best selling and fitting tyres.

Present Day

Now we have three large sites on Scrubs Lane North West London one of which with the foresight and hard work of Robert Hannington, 108 Scrubs Lane is a fully licensed waste transfer station handling most waste streams.

The other is a fully licensed metal recycling business run by another one of Albert’s grandsons this was an opportunity for the Hannington Family to diverse into a different industry, Capital Waste Services was founded in 2012. They undertake metal recycling with their business capitalmetalrecycling.co.uk. United Kingdom Tyre Exporters Ltd is still very active in the truck casing market with David Robert & Alan a loyal employee of 30 years. With five of Albert’s ten grandchildren in the business, United Kingdom Tyre Exporters have a large Truck & Plant division with six state of the art fitting vans on the road plus two large retail shops selling and fitting new, partworn and remoulded car tyres.

Our highly skilled and dedicated workforce will ensure you get all your tyre needs sorted as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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