AlloyGator Wheel Protectors

Kerb the Gator... not the Alloy!

The AlloyGator product is made of a “Super Tough Nylon” which is flexible and won’t damage your alloy wheels when fitting, but tough enough to give superior protection from kerb damage.

It is locked to the wheel over 360° using highly robust patented technology with consistent colour which maintained throughout the product, this means that the colour is fully maintained after the damage has been rectified.

Alloygators fit wheel sizes from 12” up to 24” with two different styles:

  • The Original – Apex edge profiles for wheels ranging from 13″ to 21″ diameter fitted in any colour and any size for £140
  • The Exclusives – Next generation rounded edge profiles for wheels ranging from 12″ to 24″ diameter. Fitted in any colour and any size for £160

The Alloygator’s come in 15 different colours starting from the more discrete Black, Silver and Graphite Grey, to the brighter more eccentric colours like glow in the dark

Black Graphite Silver White Red Blue Green Yellow Orange Pink Sky Blue Purple Glow in Dark Gold Bronze

UK Tyres are one of the most experienced official fitters of the Alloygator product, having fitted 1000’s of sets over the last 5 years. If you are interested in the Alloygator wheel protection product head over to our North London Branch or call 0208 616 7009 for more information.